Full-body datasets

Super realistic whole-body photos to train and test your computer vision models. Ethically sourced, consistent, and properly labeled.
Image - Full-body datasets

Custom datasets

Get the exact photos you need. Order a curated dataset cherry-picked for your project.
Image - Custom datasets

For custom datasets, parameters to choose from:

Background ***
Hair length ***
Skin imperfections ***
Hair style
Poses ***
Hair color
Body type
Accessories ***

Pre-generated dataset

A free pack of 100,000 full-body photos. Diverse people, all of nearly the same age. Great for basic training or testing tasks.
Image - Pre-generated dataset

Why choose our datasets?

Image - Legally sourced and based on model-released photosLegally sourced and based on model-released photos
Image - Standardized and consistent photosStandardized and consistent photos
Image - Licensing for commercial, non-commercial, and academic research purposesLicensing for commercial, non-commercial, and academic research purposes
Image - 100% synthetic. No likeness rights. Zero risks of privacy breaches100% synthetic. No likeness rights. Zero risks of privacy breaches

Our clients

Real people about Generated Photos

"We provided required parameters such as the percentage of young adults versus adults and elderly people, or the percentage of male versus female persons.

Very soon, we received our set of photos in very high quality, perfectly fitting our specified distribution. We could even choose the background color of the photos. All in all, the whole process went smoothly and in a professional manner. We are very happy with the collaboration and the final result."
Berthold Wocher, Software Development Manager at SAP SE
"The quality is awesome. Good work from your tech+QA team!"
OFM Games team
"We have used the images on several child trafficking/soliciting cases with positive outcomes. However, due to their pending legal status, we cannot disclose intimate details of the cases.

But we can assure you the images are extremely helpful in getting predators off the streets."
Covert Media Consulting
"Very consistent photos that were presented and passed as real to the participants of a scientific experiment."
Camille Johnston, Research Assistant at Temple Unversity
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