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AI-generated photos to help academics with any research. From machine learning, to social, cultural, and behavioral studies. Free for a link and a citation or another mention in a research paper.
Ethnicity, gender
Gender, age, ethnicity, eye color, hair color, hair length, emotion
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Used by universities around the world

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - imgMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Harvard University - imgHarvard University
Stanford University - imgStanford University
University of California - imgUniversity of California
University of Cambridge - imgUniversity of Cambridge
New York University - imgNew York University
Ghent University - imgGhent University
Osaka University - imgOsaka University

Why choose our datasets?

Image - Demographic, ethnic, <a href="" class="link">racial, and gender</a> studiesDemographic, ethnic, racial, and gender studies
Image - <a href="" class="link">Cognition</a>, <a href="" class="link">facial</a>, social, and emotional, and <a href="" class="link">contextual</a> perceptionCognition, facial, social, and emotional, and contextual perception
Image - <a href="" class="link">Judgment</a>, <a href="" class="link">bias</a>, stereotyping, and discriminationJudgment, bias, stereotyping, and discrimination
Image - Research on <a href="" class="link">memory</a>, <a href="" class="link">neural functioning</a>, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer'sResearch on memory, neural functioning, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer's
Image - Biases in machine learning and AIBiases in machine learning and AI
Image - ID verification with AIID verification with AI
Image - Research in visualization and <a href="" class="link">communication</a>Research in visualization and communication

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Researchers about us

“We're all really impressed with the quality.”
Teju, Psychological Researcher, The University of Virginia
“Among the five synthetic datasets we used for the perceptual study, the StyleGAN-based face images that you generated were rated the highest for naturalness by the human annotators.”
Sandipan, Senior Computer Vision Scientist, Affectiva
“The photos are perfect for our purposes. We will include them in our tests of the long-term human memory longitudinally.”
Marius, Research Associate, The University College London
“The dataset is definitely excellent, and I must say I'm impressed with the quality of images and the metadata provided.”
Carlos, Professor, The Federal University of Goiás
“Thanks to your materials, I have been given the highest mark for my assignment and a chance to work as a software developer at the age of 30.”
Michal, BSc in Computer Science, The University of Salford
“High-quality images of Asian faces are difficult to obtain in large quantities, so the images we purchased are very valuable.”
Tomoyuki, Ph.D., Lecturer, Osaka University
“I'm floored by how cool it is, so I want others to know about it!”
Bill, Associate Professor, The Michigan State University
“Randomly generated StyleGAN datasets weren’t moving us forward, but yours did.”
Umur, Professor, Binghamton University
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