How people use Generated Photos

The use cases include AI training, anonymizing biometrics, creating UI designs, catching cybercriminals, studying visual perception, creating art installations, and much, much more

Our clients

"Very consistent photos that were presented and passed as real to the participants of a scientific experiment."
Camille Johnston, Research Assistant at Temple Unversity
"Your images help me a lot with creating human characters. Also, I am a digital sculptor, and it's a very good reference base."
Remez, User of Generated Photos
"What a wonderful tool! I've used your images in the research and character profiles for my current manuscript, and they give me a real feel for my own characters even though no one else would ever see them… But your images are so amazing; it's hard not to want to share them. They're not just faces anymore — they have names and backstories."
Paula, 3D artist
"Your product offers important features: generally consistent clean lighting, largely glitch-free images, and the ability to filter images so you can weed out ones that are not useful for the conversion [into 3D]."
Paula, 3D artist
"High-quality images of Asian faces are difficult to obtain in large quantities, so the images we purchased are very valuable."
Tomoyuki, Ph.D., Lecturer, Osaka University
"We started an undercover operation in 2020, and it lasted until 2022. We were able to utilize your technology to generate some undercover images. This operation ended up resulting in the rescue of 87 children from offenders exploiting them in countries all over the world. This operation also resulted in hundreds of arrests in related child exploitation cases."
Covert Media Consulting team
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