Diverse synthetic
and real-life datasets
for machine learning

Diverse synthetic and real-life datasets for machine learningDiverse synthetic and real-life datasets for machine learning

Real-life datasets

  • All portraits are model-released
  • Professional lighting, cameras, and makeup
  • Professional crew: from photographers to ML engineers
  • Diversity: demographics, facial expressions, and poses
Sample photosName# of photosNotes
PortraitsPortraits92,000Meta: demographics, emotions, pose, etc.
Manually maskedManually masked8,000Super precisely masked in Photoshop
AI-maskedAI-masked77,000Masked with a state-of-the art AI
ObjectsObjects3,600Different objects: clothes, food, plants, etc.
SurfacesSurfaces1,700Various surfaces: wood, metal, stone, grass, etc.
Real emotionsReal emotions6,80017 emotions x 4 shooting angles x 100 models

Synthetic datasets

  • 100% synthetic. Based on model-released photos
  • Royalty-free. Can be used for any purpose except for the ones violating the law. Worldwide
  • Customizable backgrounds: colored, transparent, photographic
  • Diversity: ethnicity, demographics, facial expressions, and head poses
Sample photosName# of photosNotes
Equal diversityEqual diversity30,00025% of each ethnicity, 50/50 genders
EmotionsEmotions8,0002 emotions, different ages and ethnicities
AgesAges5,000Infants, children, youth, adults, middle-aged
All photosAll photos0Comprehensive facial dataset

Custom service

Custom datasetsFree dataset for academic research
Custom datasets

Just let us know what quantity you need and name the required parameters, and we'll provide
the photos and metadata to match your criteria.

For object datasets you can choose category and color.

For people datasets here are the parameters to choose from:

  • gender
  • age
  • ethnicity
  • emotion
  • eye color
  • hair color
  • hair length
  • facial hair
  • makeup
  • occlusion
  • coordinates of eyes, nose, mouth, jaw
  • head positioning
Customize backgrounds
  • Custom color
  • Transparent
  • Background stock photos
You can select synthetic photos from Generated Photos or the real-life photos from Moose. You can either pick photos from our website yourself or let us do it for you.
Upscale photos
We can enlarge any photo with our proprietary AI-model from 1024x1024 px to 3000x3000 px while maintaining the high quality.
Generate it!
A custom service for you to generate photos on-demand. We can also generate images from the photos you provide.
Order custom training
We can train our AI-models to expand your capacity and diversity with synthetic generations from your own data.
Shoot it!
Need image dataset that we don't have? Tell us about it and see if we can shoot it.

Why choose our datasets?

High-quality and legal data used to train our AI and clean and top-notch output data
Facial landmarks and metadata made by our superb machine learning team
Zero risks of privacy breaches and GDPR fines
Free dataset for academic research

Free dataset for academic research

AI-generated photos to help students and teachers with any research. Free for a link and a citation or another mention in a research paper. Want to improve the interpretability of your machine learning models? Need to evaluate your method? Go for it!
Ethnicity, gender
Gender, age, ethnicity, eye color, hair color, hair length, emotion